What We Wore: LA


We went for a quick 40-hour trip to LA last weekend, right in the middle of this crazy heatwave, and our plans fell apart almost immediately. With a Saturday to fill, we ended up at LACMA during the last showing of the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit. I was overwhelmed and thrilled, Impressionists are my favorites, and they absolutely radiate in person.


It reminded me how much I love to paint, and how important it is to keep up my painting. I’m working on a longer post on keeping the balance between work and personal projects, which tends to get harder and harder when freelance design work is all over your workspace, but the importance of doing the thing you love is vital. I’ve stepped away from painting for awhile now, but as I stood before a beautiful Kandinsky painting and listened to it like a classical composition, I knew I’d be pulling out my acrylics and gouache when I got home.

If you follow me on instagram (@jamdye) you’ll see some previews of my new paintings. I’m attacking it with the sole purpose of painting what I want to see at that very moment, from cute girls on BART to Grey Gardens to what-we-wore sketches. Do what compels you!


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