Month: December 2014 :

Project Spotlight: Dyemond

The first collaborative project between Star and me, we went from Star’s styleguide that she designed straight into building the website. We combined inktank footage with white overlays to create a revealing effect on this one-page responsive client website. It was a great chance to experiment and try out some new techniques, while also developing something super simple and clean. It has to be seen in motion to be enjoyed fully, so here’s a gif, or just click on through to the site.




This project also allowed us to collaborateon some original illustrations for the project, I designed some characters based on our client’s own ideal clientele, and Star tatted them up! They didn’t make it into the final website, but the ink video would show through in their linework. I want to do more of these.


What we wore: Winterizing


Project Thrifty Winter is going better than planned. Originally I had NO idea how I was going to not freeze all winter without buying new sweaters, boots, hats, jacket and more. My big secret came from some initial planning: when I packed to move in July, I put all my old winter clothes and accessories in a big plastic container, and put that in the back of my new closet. I put myself on a winter budget for clothes, but I’ve been going to different stores and just hate everything out there. Even simple goals like “find a new hat” have left me unhappy and purchase-less. So, yesterday I unpack my box of old winter clothes, and I am thrilled at all the things I find. Now, it’s not like Christmas, but it’s more like sifting through your friend’s yardsale clothes and the happy feeling these clothes give you. They’re comfortable! They’re just your size and style! And I’ve never been more happy to see a silver beanie I thought I threw out last season.

So is this a thing? Even better than thrifting is thrifting through your own old clothes? Today I went to the farmer’s market wearing my silver hat, sunglasses I bought (and thought I lost) two years ago, a scarf I bought in London while I was in college, a red plaid shirt my mom gave me awhile ago, and my staple grey jeans, old leather jacket and (needing to be replaced) black boots. I still feel uncomfortable when I’m not in all-black, but I’m getting a kick out of blending in a little. Either that, or I’m slipping into hobo-chic.

A Love Supreme


On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Grace Cathedral for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of A Love Supreme, put on by the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. I haven’t been to a church since I was a kid, and I only started listening to Jazz this year because Jay started playing me his massive jazz vinyl collection and got me hooked (listening to Coltrane while winding down from a long day is one of those treats I can hardly explain, it’s like a crackling fire, a whiskey and the best dinner you’ve ever had) and I jumped at the chance to go to this event. And let me tell you, we went to /church/.

I had such an amazing time, every detail inside the Grace Cathedral is stunning, and the massive choir took on ‘A Love Supreme’ with such passion! You couldn’t help but get swept away with it. I even enjoyed the sermon. The warmth and the positivity and the enormity and strength of that thing we can’t even explain,it was all there and I loved it. Dream of the world you want to be in, and make it happen.

In the morning, I put on “A Love Supreme” on the record player, practiced my lettering, and did a watercolor of John Coltrane, and felt swept away in it all over again.



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