What we wore: Winterizing


Project Thrifty Winter is going better than planned. Originally I had NO idea how I was going to not freeze all winter without buying new sweaters, boots, hats, jacket and more. My big secret came from some initial planning: when I packed to move in July, I put all my old winter clothes and accessories in a big plastic container, and put that in the back of my new closet. I put myself on a winter budget for clothes, but I’ve been going to different stores and just hate everything out there. Even simple goals like “find a new hat” have left me unhappy and purchase-less. So, yesterday I unpack my box of old winter clothes, and I am thrilled at all the things I find. Now, it’s not like Christmas, but it’s more like sifting through your friend’s yardsale clothes and the happy feeling these clothes give you. They’re comfortable! They’re just your size and style! And I’ve never been more happy to see a silver beanie I thought I threw out last season.

So is this a thing? Even better than thrifting is thrifting through your own old clothes? Today I went to the farmer’s market wearing my silver hat, sunglasses I bought (and thought I lost) two years ago, a scarf I bought in London while I was in college, a red plaid shirt my mom gave me awhile ago, and my staple grey jeans, old leather jacket and (needing to be replaced) black boots. I still feel uncomfortable when I’m not in all-black, but I’m getting a kick out of blending in a little. Either that, or I’m slipping into hobo-chic.

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