Fox Head Stew comic is coming back


I’ve been reading through all the pages from my last graphic novel, Fox Head Stew, and preparing to re-release it digitally. It’s been out of print and digital for forever (it was originally available on MTV Geek, RIP, and there’s a small handful of you with the print version) and I personally haven’t looked at it for almost 2 years. It’s a huge relief when you look back and really like what you did! When I finished it all I could see were the imperfections, but in retrospect, it captured all the experimentation, clumsiness and uncertainty of college life in a way I’m actually proud of.

Part of my job right now is to pull together the multiple versions I had of the first issue, use all the best iterations, and repackage it with new covers and extra pages. I’ve been digging through a lot of old files and finding some gems, from cover sketches to characters to some of my favorite comic pages I’ve done. Here’s a few to look at before the issue comes out in a week:

Originally the book was called “Weird Fishes: Dee’s Siren Song” and these sketches were for the first zine printing of it.




I’d forgotten how many music references I put into the posters and outfits all over the place that give each page a special feel.



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