Hello 2015!


What a difference a year can make! 2014 started off so uncertain, and the whole year was about staying open and re-inventing. 2015 is starting off bold and building upward: new website, new freelance projects and new goals. I wrapped up the development on the new jamdye.com over the holidays and it’s finally time to kick it off! This year I want to share more, talk about process and design, push my style further, and travel as much as possible. When I think back to 2014, I first remember the places I visited, and my trip to Puerto Vallarta and Palm Springs both changed me and influenced the artwork I made. Plus, it’s nice to remember warmer places at a time like this, brr!


My first trip to Mexico and first trip with my boyfriend Jay, we roamed through cobble-stone streets, drank margaritas on the beach, and explored the Rio Cuale. I loved the colors and the romanticism of Puerto Vallarta, and as soon as we got back, I was so inspired I started drawing comics about the trip.



Not sure when I’ll wrap up the Rio Cuale comics, so I’ll leave them here for safe-keeping.


2014 was about discovering the power of collaboration! I began working with the lovely Star, and we’re discovering an exciting mix of design, development and illustration that we’re able to do together. She convinced me to go to Palm Springs to Designer Vaca (read that post here). Not only was it super cool to meet everyone and see the physical network connecting freelance designers, but now I’m working on projects with some of the ladies I met there.


In Palm Springs Star introduced me to Shauna (who’s just as brilliant in person as she is on her blog), and before I knew it we were taking photos together like old friends. Now the three of us are working on some new sites together, and I /love/ the new projects we’re working on. I’ll be covering our new websites as they go live in the next couple of weeks.


Also coming down the pipeline is the comic I’ve been working on with Eddie Wright for the past year, which has grown from a little sketchbook of storyboards, to a script, a little pocketbook called Chrysalis, and now it’s metamorphosing into a crazy painted comic this year!


2015 is about surrounding yourself with positive people and starting exciting new projects! Now is the time to reach out as I start my 2015 schedule: I’m taking on new illustration, branding and web development projects. Contact me if you want to talk about developing something new!

Let’s take on this year for everything it has to offer!


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