The first week of January in review


Phew, so we made it through the first full week! Despite the worldwide dismay, there’s also an enormous creative momentum. Aiming for more creative breakthroughs and less meltdowns. I’m always happy when I’m too busy, and when there’s too much work to do then there’s also a huge drive to make art as well. I’m launching projects with clients, developing some great collaborations, and preparing to launch my next book… so there’s a lot to be done. My latest projects are all strong and feminine, I feel grateful to get to work with some great ladies.

My first project of the year was designing a shirt for Rachel Fannan‘s solo project “Only You“.


I met Rachel back in Santa Cruz almost a decade ago, she was playing a piano on the floor of the coffee shop and singing songs that completely stole everyone’s hearts within earshot. We made gig fliers together, and even lived in a house full of kittens and stray puppies for a short while. Seriously. Now we’ve both grown up, and she’s toured the world with some pretty awesome rock bands, and it was a pleasure to reunite and design some t-shirts for Only You.

This was a super-quick turnaround project, and we kept it simple and clean. The final design, made for screen-printing, locks eyes with the viewer and seems to do a very good job of capturing the mood of the project. Can’t wait to see these in print! Check out Rachel doing her thing here and here and on twitter.


At the start of the year we also launched the website Hiya Tootsie, designed by Shauna at We Are Branch and developed by me and Star. A really nice clean design and I’m really happy with how the mobile version of the site turned out. Plus, watching Heather put out her first empowering posts this week has been fantastic.



I even managed to put in some good time painting my next comic with Eddie Wright, but that’ll get it’s own post next week.


On Friday, I went out with my amazingly talented friend Koak (she’s going to blow your minds when her book comes out) and took her to the Chip Zdarsky signing at Good Vibrations, because who doesn’t like running into comic book creators at a sex toy store? Briefly ran into Jennifer, met Kieron and Jamie (who are doing one of my favorite books right now — The Wicked + the Divine) and we ended up crashing the Brian K Vaughn signing at Isotope Comics. It was pretty much my dream scenario for comic conventions: don’t go to the convention floor, just go to the afterparty.

Seeing a bunch of comics people got me powering away at my own project on Saturday, and I took a swing at painting Amaterasu from Wicked + The Divine. Her eye makeup is just made for drippy watercolors.


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