Project Spotlight: Brand New Ways


I’m currently in the trenches doing front-end development on a new client website for We Are Branch, and we’re just wrapping up and readying to launch a new client website, so I’m taking a minute to reflect on one of our recent projects. Brand New Ways is the first website that Star and Shauna brought me on to help with, and it was a fun challenge to work with such detailed website mockups and rebuild them in WordPress page-by-page. A few months later, and I’m reproducing website mockups in CSS without even blinking. Shauna designed some beautiful branding and she documents it well in this blog post.

The creative part of my job tends to be the responsive design for the site, taking a website designed for wide-screen viewing and minimizing it down to a phone’s screen while maintaining it’s feel. I love getting a site to move fluidly from various window sizes to tiny screens!

Brand New Ways had a clean design and lots of nice white space, we integrated Jen’s podcasts into the blog format, and the footer is one of my favorite elements. To top it off, Jen is doing interviews with amazing people like Wayne White and Mimi Pond. I love handing off a project and the client takes off with exciting content!


What I’m Reading:

Mad Style on TLo! The best part of Mad Men, besides the show, is reading Tom and Lorenzo’s coverage of it a few days later. This one does not disappoint. Oh, the 70’s!
The User Is Drunk – Watch a UX Designer go through the flow a submitted website and give his honest opinions of the design, while intoxicated. I love everything about this, AND it’s actually informative!
How She Got There – A great interview with Erika Hall, detailing how a career can go through many different forms, and how sometimes employing yourself is the best/only option. I found it inspiring.
Blue Q – Socks! These are great-looking socks, great colorful designs. I’ve been researching apparel websites, and I like this one. No, it’s not a promoted post, but yes, I’ll take samples.

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