Month: August 2018 :

Mixtape 4

Mixtape 4 is a sketchbook loveletter to my favorite albums, the covers I’ve stared at during pivotal moments of my life, the songs that carried me through it all. Mixtape 4 is a true minicomic, just 5×4″, and a thrill to make by hand.


The Balcony

Paris 1868, Edouard Manet meets the young painter Berthe Morisot at the Louvre. Unknown to him, Berthe has decided to dedicate her life to painting, but what he sees is a beauty and intensity that he must capture in paint. He begins to compose “The Balcony”, the first of his many paintings of Berthe.

During my research for this story, I was captivated by the scandal and fame surrounding Manet, but I soon was pulled into Morisot’s story. The more I dug into documents about her life, I discovered what a revolutionary woman she was in her time. A founding member of the Impressionists, she surrounded herself with the best artists alive, and she painted in cutting edge style using her feminine gaze to depict an inner life that hadn’t been captured before.

Berthe Morisot is a legend in the making at the time of “The Balcony”.

You can read the full story published on Spiralbound.

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