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Draws indie comics! Known for writing surreal stories, painting watercolor comics, and wielding a brush. Titles include : Weird Fishes, Fox Head Stew, Lake Imago, Phonogram B-Side, Noisepop comics, Wine Hobo for publishers including Image, Dark Horse and Slave Labor. Currently drawing the horror series “Lake Imago” and drawing sketches of all her meals.

Lake Imago #1 (2016)
Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #2 B-Side (2015)
Noisepop Culture Club (2012)
Uptimate Bedhead (2012)
Fox Head Stew Graphic Novel (2012)
Weird Fishes Graphic Novel (2008)
Comic Book Guide to the Mission Anthology (2011)
Myspace Dark Horse Presents 3 Anthology (2007)
Suicide Pact One-Shot (2005)
Spark Generators II Anthology (2002)

Gallery Exhibitions:
Field Day and Friends – Solo Show March 2015.
Oak Art Con – Warehouse 416 Oct 2014.
The Bill Murray Art Show – Public Works SF Aug 2014.
Nooworks – Summer 2013 show.
Isotope Comics – Passport Oct 2010
Cartoon Art Museum – Small Press Spotlight & Artist-in-Residence Feb 2010
Mission Comics – Dee’s Siren Song Dec 2009
SLG Boutiki & Gallery – Nov 2009

Noise Pop Culture Club Hiking Show 2012
Putting up the Isotope 2010 Gallery
Comic Vine Jan 2010
SF Public Press May 2010

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By day, works as a UI/UX designer for mobile games. LinkedIn

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