SF Pride Trans March

6.27.17 I followed The Degenderettes through the march from Dolores Park through the Castro to the Tenderloin. They are a crew of misfits, clad in black and painted in skull makeup, puppeteering a giant cardboard skeleton monster. There are smiles and kisses in the street, tits out, dancing, and an anger, a heat of revolution and riot. Onlookers smiled and applauded. Police lined the streets but were non-violent towards us. Everyone marching is pissed, in-love, sick of the state of things, ready to fight. The energy is thick, happy and furious. My favorite banner read: Not Gay As In Happy But Queer as in Fuck You.

DiNK 2017

A recreation of the events in Denver, CO on 4/7/17-4/9/17

Starring: Jamaica Dyer, Jay Ho, Denis Kitchen, Nia King, Felipe Echevarria, Zak Kinsella, Lonnie MF Allen, Karl Krumpholz, and Aidan Koch. Events resemble happenings at DiNK in 2017, but no quotes are exact, they are fabricated by Jamaica Dyer.

Protest Comics

Women’s March, SFO Protest, Atena Farghadani, No Ban No Wall. Lots has been happening. I’ve been keeping diary comics and they are collected in my new book, Mixtape #2, our in February.


Election Comic


I’ve been drawing a lot of 1-panel autobio comics lately, and pulled a bunch of my election panels together for the new Resist! zine. It’s crazy to take the little micro logs of life and trauma and see the impact they have all stitched together. (Updated) can now be seeon on resistsubmission.com.

In Oakland we’re mourning the loss of lives in the Ghost Ship fire. Such a horrific accident, and so many vibrant, creative friends are lost, grieving and devastated. I don’t have the words to express how sad I am and how much I am thinking of everyone.

On a lighter note, my happy autobio comics from earlier this year, Mixtape #1, is now available on Comixology.

And my first comic, the coming-of-age surreal Weird Fishes also just became available digitally on Comixology.

I’ll be regularly updating with new autobio comics on twitter.

Take care of yourselves, sending love,

Heavy Metal 281


I had the pleasure of being in the latest issue of Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal #281 with a new story “Her First Time”. This absolutely not-safe-for-work watercolored, queer space sex adventure is one of my favorite comics I’ve done yet!





The comic started with a sketch I sent my editor Rantz.
My plotline for a space-age love story got pushed to a truly cosmic level from the feedback I got back from Grant.
Here are some of the early page sketches:







On the day of release I met up with Ed Luce over at Isotope Comics and we had a mini signing.



Such a great issue to be a part of! More info over at heavymetal.com

Tiki Art Show


I have a new piece in the group tiki art show “Exotica” here in Oakland at Creative Framing and Gallery! We’ll be having an opening on July 16th, here’s the Facebook invite.


And coming down the pipeline… I have a comic in the next issue of Heavy Metal Magazine # 281! It’s strange and NSFW and one of my favorite projects yet.


Pre Order Here.

More on Heavy Metal soon…


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