Heavy Metal 281


I had the pleasure of being in the latest issue of Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal #281 with a new story “Her First Time”. This absolutely not-safe-for-work watercolored, queer space sex adventure is one of my favorite comics I’ve done yet!





The comic started with a sketch I sent my editor Rantz.
My plotline for a space-age love story got pushed to a truly cosmic level from the feedback I got back from Grant.
Here are some of the early page sketches:







On the day of release I met up with Ed Luce over at Isotope Comics and we had a mini signing.



Such a great issue to be a part of! More info over at heavymetal.com

Tiki Art Show


I have a new piece in the group tiki art show “Exotica” here in Oakland at Creative Framing and Gallery! We’ll be having an opening on July 16th, here’s the Facebook invite.


And coming down the pipeline… I have a comic in the next issue of Heavy Metal Magazine # 281! It’s strange and NSFW and one of my favorite projects yet.


Pre Order Here.

More on Heavy Metal soon…

Weird Fishes #2


The second part of my 2009 graphic novel “Weird Fishes” is now available on Comixology! This has been out of print for a couple years, so it’s great to revisit it now. This issue contains some of my favorite pages. Great time to jump onboard or get your hands on the color pages of this





What a Weird Long Trip It’s Been


March and April flew by like a train on fire! I managed to juggle my full-time work with weekends jetsetting around to comic conventions with Eddie Wright to promote our new book, hitting up Austin (lovely!), Sacramento (spread out!) and Denver (snowy!) and only lost a little bit of sanity in the process. I haven’t gone to any conventions in awhile, and it was a splash of fresh enthusiasm to be around amazing creators and meet a bunch of new faces and return home with the thrill that something is happening and we’re making things! I really loved Denver, and the comics culture there, the community seemed awesome.


(I was caught in the act of freezing outside the venue and hearing my name called by the taco truck guy)



Returned to the bay to do some signings at my two comic home-away-from-homes, Isotope Comics and Atlantis Fantasyworld. James has been a wonderful, supportive awesome friend over the years, and signing at his shop is always a blast. We signed on Record Store Day and James recorded a haunting doomsy track inspired by the first issue of Lake Imago and we designed a mini disk together. You can listen to the new song online. Such a fun day!



And Atlantis, what can I say? This is the first shop I started buying Batman comics at when I was little, I started working at Atlantis when I was 16, and I learned all about the industry while working signings, reorders and talking to passionate readers. Atlantis is my family. To great to see Joe, Trisha and Nate and roam my favorite comic book racks. As you can see, I’m pretty thrilled (Eddie, on the other hand…) :



Somewhere in the middle of all that I got to see my absolute love of a fantastic daydream comedian, Noel Fielding! Of course I had to draw a comic about that.


Eddie and I just did a podcast with Canned Air, and you can listen to it here!

Now I’ve got some breathing room until SPX later this year, so I’m going to be hard at work drawing Lake Imago #2.

Dream big,


See you at Denver DINK!

Eddie Wright and I will be in Colorado at the Denver DINK! convention this Friday and Saturday! We’ll have copies of Lake Imago and What I Ate When. What is “What I Ate When”, you ask? It’s a sketch diary of all my meals that I’ve eaten this year so far, catch up (to mid-February) at whatiatewhen.tumblr.com.




And here’s something exciting! Digital Copies of Lake Imago #1 are currently on sale on Comixology for $1.99! Check it out!


That’s it for now, see you at DINK!



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