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Mixtape 4

Mixtape 4 is a sketchbook loveletter to my favorite albums, the covers I’ve stared at during pivotal moments of my life, the songs that carried me through it all. Mixtape 4 is a true minicomic, just 5×4″, and a thrill to make by hand.


A Love Supreme


On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Grace Cathedral for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of A Love Supreme, put on by the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. I haven’t been to a church since I was a kid, and I only started listening to Jazz this year because Jay started playing me his massive jazz vinyl collection and got me hooked (listening to Coltrane while winding down from a long day is one of those treats I can hardly explain, it’s like a crackling fire, a whiskey and the best dinner you’ve ever had) and I jumped at the chance to go to this event. And let me tell you, we went to /church/.

I had such an amazing time, every detail inside the Grace Cathedral is stunning, and the massive choir took on ‘A Love Supreme’ with such passion! You couldn’t help but get swept away with it. I even enjoyed the sermon. The warmth and the positivity and the enormity and strength of that thing we can’t even explain,it was all there and I loved it. Dream of the world you want to be in, and make it happen.

In the morning, I put on “A Love Supreme” on the record player, practiced my lettering, and did a watercolor of John Coltrane, and felt swept away in it all over again.



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