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Noel Fielding Paperdoll

noel fielding paperdoll

I’m excited to share a new piece that went up in the show: the Noel Fielding Paperdoll! Noel is one of my absolute favorite comedians, playing the glam-rock zookeeper/shop worker/band frontman Vince Noir in the British comedy Mighty Boosh. This show was my favorite thing in college. He also plays a great amount of other characters in Mighty Boosh, paints bizarre colorful paintings, says witty things on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, has some of the best street style out there, and has allowed the world to see inside the dreamscape of his mind with his own show Luxury Comedy. Noel accompanies the Bill Murray Paperdoll I drew last year.

Also, last week we were both hanging shows! While I was hanging at Field Day, Noel was hanging at the Royal Albert Hall. Quite different locations, yes, but we happened to do the same shots:


Right?? Follow Noel on twitter and Instagram!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new paperdoll! I couldn’t get nearly all of the outfits and accessories I wanted onto this piece, so there might have to be an additional page of outfits added. And prints, possibly. Let me know if you’re interested, I’m highly susceptible to suggestion.


Be sure to check out the Noel Paperdoll and all my other new pieces this month at Field Day in Oakland. We had such a fun opening on Friday! Lots of sweet faces, everyone enjoyed the pieces, we sipped fancy tea from a cart on the sidewalk in the warm evening and dresses and photoshoots were had! Thank you everyone who came out for First Friday! I can’t wait to get photos back from the night!

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What we wore: Winterizing


Project Thrifty Winter is going better than planned. Originally I had NO idea how I was going to not freeze all winter without buying new sweaters, boots, hats, jacket and more. My big secret came from some initial planning: when I packed to move in July, I put all my old winter clothes and accessories in a big plastic container, and put that in the back of my new closet. I put myself on a winter budget for clothes, but I’ve been going to different stores and just hate everything out there. Even simple goals like “find a new hat” have left me unhappy and purchase-less. So, yesterday I unpack my box of old winter clothes, and I am thrilled at all the things I find. Now, it’s not like Christmas, but it’s more like sifting through your friend’s yardsale clothes and the happy feeling these clothes give you. They’re comfortable! They’re just your size and style! And I’ve never been more happy to see a silver beanie I thought I threw out last season.

So is this a thing? Even better than thrifting is thrifting through your own old clothes? Today I went to the farmer’s market wearing my silver hat, sunglasses I bought (and thought I lost) two years ago, a scarf I bought in London while I was in college, a red plaid shirt my mom gave me awhile ago, and my staple grey jeans, old leather jacket and (needing to be replaced) black boots. I still feel uncomfortable when I’m not in all-black, but I’m getting a kick out of blending in a little. Either that, or I’m slipping into hobo-chic.

What We Wore: LA


We went for a quick 40-hour trip to LA last weekend, right in the middle of this crazy heatwave, and our plans fell apart almost immediately. With a Saturday to fill, we ended up at LACMA during the last showing of the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit. I was overwhelmed and thrilled, Impressionists are my favorites, and they absolutely radiate in person.


It reminded me how much I love to paint, and how important it is to keep up my painting. I’m working on a longer post on keeping the balance between work and personal projects, which tends to get harder and harder when freelance design work is all over your workspace, but the importance of doing the thing you love is vital. I’ve stepped away from painting for awhile now, but as I stood before a beautiful Kandinsky painting and listened to it like a classical composition, I knew I’d be pulling out my acrylics and gouache when I got home.

If you follow me on instagram (@jamdye) you’ll see some previews of my new paintings. I’m attacking it with the sole purpose of painting what I want to see at that very moment, from cute girls on BART to Grey Gardens to what-we-wore sketches. Do what compels you!



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