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Noel Fielding Paperdoll

noel fielding paperdoll

I’m excited to share a new piece that went up in the show: the Noel Fielding Paperdoll! Noel is one of my absolute favorite comedians, playing the glam-rock zookeeper/shop worker/band frontman Vince Noir in the British comedy Mighty Boosh. This show was my favorite thing in college. He also plays a great amount of other characters in Mighty Boosh, paints bizarre colorful paintings, says witty things on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, has some of the best street style out there, and has allowed the world to see inside the dreamscape of his mind with his own show Luxury Comedy. Noel accompanies the Bill Murray Paperdoll I drew last year.

Also, last week we were both hanging shows! While I was hanging at Field Day, Noel was hanging at the Royal Albert Hall. Quite different locations, yes, but we happened to do the same shots:


Right?? Follow Noel on twitter and Instagram!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new paperdoll! I couldn’t get nearly all of the outfits and accessories I wanted onto this piece, so there might have to be an additional page of outfits added. And prints, possibly. Let me know if you’re interested, I’m highly susceptible to suggestion.


Be sure to check out the Noel Paperdoll and all my other new pieces this month at Field Day in Oakland. We had such a fun opening on Friday! Lots of sweet faces, everyone enjoyed the pieces, we sipped fancy tea from a cart on the sidewalk in the warm evening and dresses and photoshoots were had! Thank you everyone who came out for First Friday! I can’t wait to get photos back from the night!

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