Weird Fishes

Title: Weird Fishes
Story and Art: Jamaica Dyer

Dee and Bunny Boy are kids who’ve become weirdo best friends. Dee sees giant talking ducks, and The Bunny Boy’s worn the same Halloween costume for years. But when the kids stop playing together and grow into teenagers, the ducks become monsters and the bunny ears become mod suits. As the kids adjust to their new selves, they learn that you can’t run from who you really are, and their inner struggles become reality.


“Jamaica Dyer is the new Ariel Schrag. If you don’t know what that means, then … you’re not a comics geek. The point is, Dyer’s innovative watercolor Web-comic, Weird Fishes, has the ability to pull readers, as though with a rope, into the world
of teen instability and pit-deep passions. (And it’s now a book, as
well.) We haven’t seen independent sequential art this evocative since
Schrag’s early autobiographical work, and that’s saying a lot.”

SF Weekly

“This story about two oddballs wrestling with their feelings could easily be soundtracked by any number of old Morrissey records, even if it is named after a Radiohead song.”

-Jamie S Rich for The Portland Mercury (on comics to recommend to Morrissey)

“The only explanation for Jamaica Dyer is that she was built by aliens and dropped here to show us all how crap we are compared to her.”

-Warren Ellis (back cover quote)

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